Minor in Mathematics


WPI’s Minor in Mathematics enables you to gain expertise in mathematical tools and techniques that complement your major area of study. Through the highly flexible program of study, you can hone your knowledge of advanced mathematical topics like differential and integral calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, and probability. You will also have many opportunities to apply your knowledge to solve real problems through hands-on projects and research.

Value Proposition Description

The minor is beneficial for students majoring in a wide variety of science and engineering disciplines, particularly Computer Science and Physics.



You will work with an advisor to design a Mathematics Minor that matches your academic and professional goals and interests. You must select five Mathematical Sciences courses, three of which must be upper-level or graduate courses. You can create your own program or choose a specialization:

  • applied analysis
  • computational analysis
  • differential equations
  • discrete mathematics
  • operations research

A capstone, either within an advanced course or as an independent study project, will enable you to synthesize your learning by applying mathematics to a problem of interest.

Planning for a Mathematics Minor

Students interested in learning more about the Mathematics Minor should contact Professor Sam Tripp (stripp@wpi.edu) or gr-ma-minor@wpi.edu to start planning your course sequence.

You can declare a Mathematics Minor directly in workday (see this hub article) and the planning and approval form are at the link to the right. Please note that you must have your Capstone Experience approved in advance of taking the associated course or independent study.