Minor in Mechanical Engineering


No matter what your major is, you’ll benefit from a minor in mechanical engineering as it helps you understand how to make products that are better, faster, more economical, and more environmentally friendly

Value Proposition Description

You may choose a focus area that most interests you and complements your major studies. You’ll collaborate with our renowned faculty on hands-on projects that will help you apply your classroom knowledge to actual situations. 



Your course work in a Mechanical Engineering minor includes a broad choice of areas you might want to study across the disciplines of mechanical engineering and engineering science. And with WPI’s hands-on projects, you’ll apply what you have learned to real-world problems.

You may choose from several courses to compose your focus area, including Introduction to Static Systems, Fluid Mechanics, Introduction to Computer Aided Design, Advanced Engineering Design, Automotive Materials and Process Design, Mechanical Vibrations, and Heat Transfer, to complete your minor requirements.

See the Course Catalog for additional course descriptions

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