Minor in Physics


Value Proposition Description

No matter what your major at WPI, a minor in Physics gives you a broader understanding of physics principles and the experience to apply them to different real-world engineering problems.

A minor in this most fundamental science sharpens your critical thinking, inspiring you to ask bigger questions and find answers to varied subjects. Physics minors gain an edge in the job market for their ability to approach scientific or humanistic challenges with a big-picture view and an understanding of how to apply their knowledge to uncover new solutions.


A Physics minor includes introductory courses in Physics, such as Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, and Modern Physics. Upper-level minor courses include Electromagnetic Fields, Physics Laboratory, Photonics, and Optics.

With the help of your advisor, you’ll determine your capstone requirement, which could be an Independent Study Project or the completion of one of the upper level courses, each of which require completion of a paper.

See the Course Catalog for full descriptions.

Application Process

Physics minors need a faculty advisor in the Physics Department for guidance through the minor and independent study process. Contact the Physics Department if you need assistance in finding or selecting an advisor.