Minor in Psychology


A minor in psychology at WPI sharpens your understanding of how biology, behavior, ethics, and technology all intersect and impact human behavior and thought. This minor is complementary to any major where a comprehension of both psychological and technological issues will help you think critically and understand how people work.

Value Proposition Description

Mirroring WPI’s educational approach, this minor challenges you to dig deeper into the scientific and research processes to identify problems and develop effective solutions. By exploring scientific theory and becoming more fluent in the psychological and technological language of this social science, you’ll develop skills essential for working in a social and increasingly technical world.


The psychology minor requires six courses, three of which are in the introductory foundation level which may include Introduction to Psychological Science, Cognitive Psychology, or Social Psychology. Three additional applied courses in areas such as the Psychology of Education, Psychology of Gender, School Psychology, and Psychophysiology are also required for a minor.

If your Interactive Qualifying Project is advised by a faculty member in the Social Science and Policy Studies department, you may be able to use this work as your capstone and substitute it for your last applied course.

Application Process

If you’re interested in a minor in psychology, visit the Department of Social Science and Policy Studies in Salisbury Labs or email them at ssps@wpi.edu. You’ll choose an advisor in the department and will need to complete a minor application form.