Minor in System Dynamics


Using computer simulation modeling, you’ll see individual components and understand how policy changes can succeed or fail based on the existing system dynamics. A minor in system dynamics gives you valuable tools you’ll use in any workplace.

Value Proposition Description

A minor in system dynamics gives you the foundation to understand how and why complex systems operate the way they do and how they change. From the smallest project team to the largest engineering organization, grasping how underlying independent factors form a complex and changing system gives you a valuable big-picture perspective needed to implement effective solutions.


WPI offers exceptional flexibility for students seeking a system dynamics minor. The six courses required in this minor include Introduction to System Dynamics Modeling and System Dynamics Modeling. In addition, you’ll take four independent study projects under the expert guidance of our faculty.

Your hands-on course work gives you the experience needed to apply system dynamics principles to your professional work in any field.

Application Process

If you’re interested in a minor in system dynamics, you’ll need to designate a Social Science and Policy Studies faculty member as your advisor and to complete a minor declaration form. Visit the department in Salisbury Labs or email ssps@wpi.edu with any questions.