What We Look For

WPI Undergraduate Admissions What We Look For

Every WPI Student is Distinctive

We’re thrilled that you’re considering applying to WPI. We have high standards for applicants, but we also look for more than just outstanding academic performance—we want to see what makes you, you.

We’re not your average tech school—we challenge students to solve real-world problems by taking the hypothetical and bringing it to life, meaning that you’ll start creating change from day one. Our project-based curriculum isn’t just our signature approach to education; it’s at the heart of the WPI experience as WPI students combine theory and practice to become effective leaders who can change the world.

If you’re a curious, driven problem solver interested in launching your future, WPI might just be the place for you. Review the WPI admissions requirements as well as our accepted WPI student profile for more details.

Who is a WPI Student?

Our students embody WPI’s mission—they’re passionate, innovative self-starters who elevate “what if” to “here’s how.” They’re willing to ask tough questions while crafting solutions to even tougher problems, using their talents and expertise to impact both people and the planet. And while every WPI student brings a little something different to the table, there are a few characteristics that they tend to share.

  • Creative and curious
  • Enjoy working in teams to get things done
  • Comfortable making their own decisions and setting their own course
  • Love math and science, but feel just as passionate about other things too, like music, global studies, and the arts
  • Feel pretty sure that they’ll be leaders, not followers
  • Can’t wait to do things that will make the world better
  • Value diversity and inclusion while embracing new things, people, cultures, and ideologies
  • Are ready to immerse themselves in the WPI community
  • See obstacles as opportunities, not stopping points
  • Respect not only themselves, but their peers and the world around them

Accepted WPI Student Profile

  • Strong courses with an emphasis on math and science
  • Average GPA 3.92
  • Average class rank: Top 9%

WPI is a test-blind institution, so standardized testing is no longer taken into account in our admissions process. 

Tips for Applicants

Choosing a college isn’t just an exciting decision, it’s also a personal one. That’s why our holistic application process focuses on you as a person, your lived experiences, what you can bring to the WPI community, and what the WPI community can bring to you. You’ve heard it time and again: what makes WPI special is the people, and we want to know more about what makes you, you.

Now’s your time to brag and share not only what you’ve accomplished so far, but what you hope to do in and after college. Don’t be afraid to use your application, essay, and letters of recommendation to show us the real you and what makes you a perfect fit for WPI. Here are a few suggestions to make sure your application is as strong as possible.

  • Fulfill WPI’s academic requirements:
    • four years of math (including pre-calculus)
    • four years of English
    • two years of lab science
  • Check out our college application timeline to stay on track and put your best foot forward in your application.
  • Fill out all sections of the Common Application to share who you are, your passions and talents, and what makes you a good fit for WPI (and don’t forget to check over your answers)
  • Make sure you connect with us on- or off-campus and let us feel the love for WPI!

If you’re looking for answers to specific questions—When does WPI send acceptance letters? When does WPI release regular decisions? What are the WPI admissions deadlines—you’ll find them on the Apply to WPI page. Don’t see your answer, or prefer to speak to a member of the WPI Admissions team personally? You can call the WPI Admissions office at 508-831-5286, submit your question online, or email WPI Admissions. We’re happy to provide you with any information you may need, so don’t hesitate to connect with us.