MassDigi at WPI

The Next Level of Gaming

Racing, open-world, puzzles, mobile, RPGs—whatever the genre, everyone loves a good video game, and there are just as many students out there interested in helping to bring those games to life.

Enter, the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute, or MassDigi.


The university-based gaming initiative is a statewide center focused on student and university collaborations, entrepreneurship, economic development, and maintaining the thriving games ecosystem in Worcester and the greater Massachusetts area while connecting young people to opportunities within everything from startups to established studios and top gaming companies. It’s collaborated on the launch of more than 30 games since its founding in 2011, and provides a supportive, well-connected environment for students to gain invaluable experience, network with professionals in the video game industry, explore game design jobs, and build and hone their skills for use in professional gaming careers.

In short, MassDigi brings games to the next level—and now, we’re bringing MassDigi to WPI.

Home to one of the nation’s earliest degree programs in video game design (as well as being repeatedly recognized as one of the top programs in the country for game design), WPI has enjoyed a long history of collaboration with MassDigi and its students (and vice versa), something that will only grow stronger with this new partnership. Hands-on experience is a cornerstone of MassDigi, a value that aligns perfectly with WPI’s longstanding commitment to project-based learning.

The move, which will integrate MassDigi into WPI’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center, will happen later in 2021, and allow MassDigi the opportunity to continue its statewide efforts in expanding entrepreneurship, strengthening the pipeline between higher education and the gaming industry, and preparing a workforce for this growing industry that’s just as creative and passionate as it is smart and innovative.

Stay tuned; we’re just getting started.


Find Your Next Favorite Game

Students don’t just work on entertainment games at MassDigi; they also focus on serious, social impact, health, and educational titles that can make a difference in people’s lives. Here are just a few of the projects MassDigi students have created over the years (including one celebrating 10 years of Digi!).

Gaming Near and Far

MassDigi has roots in Massachusetts, but it draws students from around the world for their programs focusing on everything from one-of-a-kind pitch contests to on-demand mentoring. Their Summer Innovation Program, a competitive 12-week internship program where students create a game from the ground up, draws students from MIT, Tufts, WPI, RISD, Northeastern, NYU, and more. Check out some of the games that have been created through MassDigi’s summer programs.

Fusing Art with Tech through IMGD

What happens when you bring together game designers and technical developers? Get a glimpse of WPI's Interactive Media & Game Development program and hear from IMGD director and a professor in the Department of Humanities and Arts Jennifer deWinter on how IMGD students work together to create new expressions of human creativity.

Meet the Players

New groups of gaming students work their way through MassDigi each year, but who are the mainstays, the ones who ensure that students have the support and resources they need to achieve their goals?

  • Timothy Loew, executive director: Loew is an experienced administrator who's held senior positions in business, development, and academic planning at Becker College. He's also worked in financial services and as an independent management consultant to clients in the technology sector.
  • Monty Sharma, managing director: Sharma is a respected game industry and technology professional. He was co-founder and general manager of Vivox, a voice chat service provider in the games industry; prior to this, he held senior positions at Jamcracker, Novell, and MT&T.
  • Walt Yarbrough, producer of MassDigi’s Summer Innovation Program: Yarbrough has worked at Mythic Entertainment, EA, Turbine, and Quick Hit.