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Jennifer deWinter has long been interested in how culture (which is local) moves internationally. She has spent a number of years analyzing anime, comics, and computer games as part of global media flows in order to understand how concepts such as "art," "culture," and "entertainment" are negotiated. In 2003, Professor deWinter joined the Learning Games Initiative, a group of scholars and game designers dedicated to the general study of games and the use of games to teach concepts and skills in particular. Since joining WPI, she has been an active faculty member in the Interactive Media  Game Development program, advising students and teaching courses in game theory and practice. In addition to this research, Professor deWinter codirects the Professional Writing Program at WPI. This program is purposefully designed to be a double major, helping WPI students to communicate their specialized technical and scientific knowledge to a variety of audiences. She particularly respects the WPI motto of "Theory and Practice," believing that projects provide a concrete application to abstract knowledge but also that strong leaders can think about projects abstractly and connect ideas between multiple disciplines and settings. One without the other is an incomplete education and weakens people's abilities to respond to the complex challenges we face in the 21st century.

Scholarly Work

Disrupting Intellectual Property: Collaboration and Resistance in Wikis 2008


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