Renaming Project Presentation Day: Undergraduate Research Projects Showcase


Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Research Projects Showcase

It’s a hallmark of the WPI spring—classes are cancelled, and the labs, hallways, and classrooms of every academic department are filled as every senior student presents the outcomes of their Major Qualifying Project (MQP). The event will remain—and this year it’s scheduled for April 21—but the name will change from Project Presentation Day to Undergraduate Research Projects Showcaseeffective immediately.

"The purpose of the change is to better reflect to the outside world, and to reinforce to our own community, that research, design, and creative scholarship are integral to our project-based approach to STEM-focused education,” said Arne Gericke, interim dean of undergraduate studies.  

The showcase is a celebration of all senior students' research, design, and creative theses. As always, classes will be cancelled, and the entire community is encouraged to find their way to academic buildings to join project sponsors in appreciating the breadth and depth of the undergraduate research activities of our remarkable students.

The public is also welcome to join and learn more about the projects, which mirror the kinds of professional work students will tackle in their careers.