A Spotlight on Excellence - Celebrating Black History Month

In the spirit of honoring Black History Month at WPI, ODIME is delighted to shine a spotlight on the exceptional contributions of a distinguished Black professor who significantly enriches our community. Join us in acknowledging the remarkable achievements of Dr. Trent Masiki, an industrious professional at WPI whose dedication continues to positively impact our community. Dr. Masiki stands as the author of the compelling literary work, The Afro-Latino Memoir: Race, Ethnicity, and Literary Interculturalism, available at the Gordan Library.  



Professor Trent Masiki

A Pillar of Inspiration 

Reflecting on Dr. Masiki's significance within the WPI community unveils a positive influence that resonates across our campus. Beyond the confines of the classroom, Dr. Masiki dedicates his time and energy to actively supporting students, leaving an enduring impact at WPI. Serving as the advisor for both the Caribbean and Hispanic Association (CHA) and the Black Student Union (BSU), Dr. Masiki plays a pivotal role in fostering a sense of community and belonging. Furthermore, his commitment extends to serving as a chaperone for the WPI NSBE chapter at the organization's national convention in Atlanta, Georgia this year. As we take a moment to commemorate Dr. Masiki, we celebrate the presence of an extraordinary professor, author, and community member on our campus. We express gratitude for his many contributions in supporting students in various capacities. 

Exploring Dr. Masiki's Courses 

Please note that the following are brief overviews and not comprehensive descriptions of the courses. 

  • EN 3257-D01 - Topics in African American Lit: The Black Fantastic: Literary Afrofuturism 

Embark on a profound exploration of African American life and thought through the captivating lens of African American literature. 

  • SOC 3500-B01 – African American Political Thought 

Delve into the rich discourse of African American political leaders, gaining insights into movements, influential historical figures, political ideologies, and more. 

  • SOC 1500-A01 – The Sociology of Race 

Uncover the intricate interplay of social, cultural, and historical forces that contribute to the perpetuation of racism, racial discrimination, and racial inequality in this thought-provoking course. 

A Brief Look into Trent Masiki's Engagements   

We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on Professor Trent Masiki, whose impactful work and engaging discussions have left a lasting impression. Here's a glimpse into his recent endeavors: 

  • New Books Network Podcast Interview (December 20, 2023) 

   - Dr. Masiki is interviewed by Dr. Reighan Gillam about his debut book, "The Afro-Latino Memoir: Race, Ethnicity, and Literary Interculturalism.” Listen to the podcast by following this link: https://newbooksnetwork.com/the-afro-latino-memoir  

  • Meet the Author Series at Gordon Library (November 27, 2023) 

   - Dr. Masiki engages in a captivating discussion about "The Afro-Latino Memoir" with Professor Jorge Santos from Holy Cross in the Gordon Library Conference Room as part of WPI's annual Meet the Author series. 

  • What is Africana Studies? A Short History of a Long Movement (October 23, 2023) 

   - Dr. Masiki contributes to WPI's FSOC Lunch and Learn Series, unraveling the historical threads of Africana Studies. 

  • Co-Conspirators in the Struggle: Afro-Latino and African American Literary Fraternalism (October 12, 2023) 

   - A thought-provoking discussion at Worcester Academy in Massachusetts, exploring the unique bonds between Afro-Latino and African American literary communities. 

As we celebrate the impactful journey of Dr. Trent Masiki at WPI and beyond, we extend our gratitude for his dedication to enriching our academic community and fostering a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives.  

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