Wellness Day - February 24, 2023

Friday, February 24, 2023

Wellness Day and Rest Days are built into the 2022-2023 graduate and undergraduate academic calendar as days to reflect, relax, reconnect, and reenergize. Wellness and Rest Days will have a rest focus and be more passively programmed to allow individuals to rest or socialize as they see fit.

There will be no classes, no assignment due dates, no non-critical lab work, and no meetings held on these days. Wellness and Rest Days will feature a variety of ways to de-stress, center, and connect with yourself and those around you throughout the day.

Monday, February 20

  • Join the Center for Well-Being Peer Well-Being Ambassadors as they raise awareness for The Fire of Inner Joy! on the upcoming Wellness & Rest Day. Meet with one of our Peer Well-Being Ambassadors and grab your Wellness & Rest Day passport to get free food on Wellness Day. Learn about the upcoming activities and RSVP to reserve your spot for Dog Therapy or Belly Dance session. Wellness Day passports are also available at the Center for Well-Being Front Desk (Daniels Hall 102/Morgan Wedge) from 8:30AM-6:00PM starting on Feb 20th - 23rd and on February 24th from 8:30AM-12:00PM.     

    Rubin Campus Center 12:00PM to 2:00PM 

    Center for Well-Being 2:00PM to 4:00PM

Friday, February 24

  • The employee chair massage is designed to reduce employees' stress in the workplace. You are required to schedule your free 15-minute session with a massage therapist prior to our Wellness and Rest Day. Please note that each employee can only book one 15-minute session per slot, per Wellness Day to allow other employees the opportunity to receive this service. Also, note that all registered participants will need to sign a waiver on the day of their session; the consent form will be provided at your appointment. Sponsored by Talent & Inclusion and The Center for Well-Being.   

    Location: Rubin Campus Center, sign-up for room 

    Locations: Rubin Campus Center
  • Come unwind with Academic Advising and OAS with a make-your-own tea station, coffee, donuts and coloring. Sponsored by Academic Advising and Office of Accessibility Services.

    Locations: Unity Hall
  • Interested in trying meditation for the first time? Or perhaps you want to build and strengthen your mindfulness practice in a supportive community?  Please join the CWB in this 30-minute morning meditation session. Drop-ins are welcome, or we’d love you to RSVP here if you are able! Sponsored by the Center for Well-Being.  

    Location: Center for Well-Being - Program Room 102E

    Locations: Daniels Hall
  • The Power of Saving. Whether you’re the kind of person that lives and spends in the now or plans for what’s ahead, there are always ways to save smarter. In this seminar, you’ll learn a number of strategies for better managing your money so you have the knowledge and confidence to pay your bills, save for a rainy day, and achieve any larger financial goals you’ve set for yourself. Sponsored by Talent and Inclusion.

    Register to join on Friday, February 24 at 10 a.m. ET for this webinar.

  • Start your morning or unwind from the day with “Drop-In Arts and Crafts.” You can choose from coloring, designing your own rock, a picture frame, potting your own plant, playing in the Zen Garden, building a puzzle or Legos, and so much more! Sponsored by the Center for Well-Being.    

    Location: Center for Well-Being, Daniels Hall 102

    Locations: Daniels Hall
  • Are you searching for a tech-savvy way to decompress? Sign up to experience our “Rest & Recovery” room and in less than 15 minutes you will virtually connect with nature, find balance, and ground yourself as you immerse yourself in Three Sages restorative content, a zero- gravity chair, compression boots and red-light therapy. Open to students, faculty, and staff. RSVP to reserve a 15-minute session or drop-in to check if there are cancellations. 

    Location: Center for Well-Being Program Room, Daniels Hall 102A

    Locations: Daniels Hall
  • Relax and comfort your mind, body, and soul with a chair massage. Schedule your free 20-minute session here with a massage therapist or drop in on Feb 24th to check if there are cancellations. Please note that each student is only allowed to book one 20-minute session per time slot per Wellness Day. Massages will be offered in Unity Hall and Gateway Park I (Graduate Students ONLY)Sponsored by the Center for Well-Being. 

    Location: Gateway Park I

    Locations: Unity Hall, 60 Prescott Street (Gateway Park I)
  • Bake sale and warm drinks for sale. Fundraising will be for the Abbys House domestic violence shelter here in Worcester. Charges will for $3 for beverages and $2-3 for baked goods. Sponsored by Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. 

    Location: Rubin Campus Center

    Locations: Rubin Campus Center
  • A time for Staff, Faculty, and Students to come together to play open recreation basketball. Sponsored by PERA. 

    Location: RC COURT 1-2

    Locations: Sports & Recreation Center Building
  • Join us in this soothing session using healing instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, chimes, and more where participants are bathed in “sound waves” that bring healing to the body. Participants may experience relaxation, an increased sense of well-being, balanced energy, and deep awareness. This Sound Bathing session is offered from 1:00PM to 2:00PM. RSVP and secure your spot now or join us on Wellness Day -- Drop-ins are welcomed as space allows! Sponsored by The Center for Well-Being.

    Location: Center for Well-Being Program Room, Daniels Hall 102E

    Locations: Daniels Hall
  • Come join ASCE in playing with legos! Both Lego sets, and some free bricks will be available to students to use. Limited sets available to use. Sponsored by ASCE

    Location: KH 116


    Locations: Kaven Hall
  • Stop in for a few snuggles or sloppy doggie kisses to help melt away anxiety and stress. Our furry dog friends will be awaiting your presence! To participate you’ll need to sign a waiver; you can download a copy here or sign the form on wellness day when you come by. Sponsored by the Center for Well-Being and PAWS.

    Location: Gordon Library Studio, Lower Level

    Locations: George C. Gordon Library
  • Come down to ODIME and rest with us. We welcome students to drink hot chocolate, design stickers or kites, and play Mario Kart in OASIS House. Sponsored by ODIME

    Location: Oasis House


    Locations: OASIS Multicultural Center
  • Join us for vinyasa yoga.  In vinyasa yoga, movements flow between yoga poses such as a plank, chaturanga, upward facing dog, and sun salutations to make a sequence. Expect to move from pose to pose, linking your breath to the movement of the body. Boost your mood, improve your sleep, and feel your stress roll away when you participate.  

    Only 16 spots are available so secure your spot now. RSVP here or drop-ins are welcomed on Wellness Day as space. permits. For your comfort, please bring your yoga mat or use one of the yoga mats in the CWB.   


    Location: Center for Well-Being - Program Room 102E

    Locations: Daniels Hall
  • Every Friday, the Running Club does a Fun Friday event for club members - in the past, these have included relays, runs to Bean Counter, elections, board games, movie nights, yoga days, and lots of other fun events. For the Fun Friday on Wellness Day, we want to invite runners and the campus community to chill out, be with friends, and play Mariokart - anyone is welcome and it will be a good team bonding opportunity! Sponsored by the Running Club. 

    Location: Innovation Studio 203/205


    Locations: Innovation Studio
  • You may be feeling rejuvenated and relaxed from your Wellness Day journey. At this junction, your passport books should have the required three stickers for every activity that you have attended. Kick back and continue to enjoy your wellness journey by dropping in to enjoy a hot chocolate and popcorn in the Wedge. Sponsored by Chartwells and the Center for Well-Being.    

    Location: The Wedge

    Locations: Morgan Hall
  • Join the Center for Well-Being and instructor, Bayda, for an ancient and expressive form of dance, Belly Dance. In this one-hour session, you will be empowered and have fun as you wear a belly dance skirt and learn basic belly dance moves that include isolation and articulation of the torso, chest, and hips. Come and have a great time!    

    RSVP here and secure your spot now or join us on Wellness Day -- Drop-ins are welcomed as space allows! Sponsored by The Center for Well-Being. 

    Location: Campus Center, Odeum C

    Locations: Rubin Campus Center
  • Pub night for students, faculty & staff to enjoy each others company in a relaxed atmosphere.

    Location: Rubin Campus Center, Odeum A 

    Locations: Rubin Campus Center
  • The Center for Well-Being and Graduate Studies invites all Graduate students to a social gathering that will include a meditation session, refreshments, and plenty of time to socialize to meet other graduate students. Come and participate to meet other graduate students while being rooted in your wellness. Graduate Students ONLY. RSVP here or join us on Feb. 24th -- Drop-ins are welcomed! Refreshments will be served.  

    Meditation w/ Robin Benoit – 4:00pm-4:30pm, Center for Well-Being Program Room, Daniels Hall 102E 
    Social - 4:30pm-6pm, Center for Well-Being, Daniels Hall 102

    Location: Center for Well-Being

    Locations: Daniels Hall


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