Wellness Day - March 26, 2024

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Wellness Days are built into the 2023-2024 graduate and undergraduate academic calendar as days to reflect, relax, reconnect, and reenergize as individuals and as a campus community. These are days for our community to focus on supporting and caring for our students as well as each other.  

There will be no classes, no assignment due dates, no non-critical lab work, and no meetings held on these days. Wellness Days will feature a variety of ways to de-stress, center, and connect with yourself and those around you throughout the day.

Theme: Blossom Bash

The CWB is responsible for coordinating the programming for the Wellness Days with student groups and departments. If you are interested in sponsoring or co-sponsoring an activity or event, please fill out the Wellness Day Event Request Form.



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