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A transformable robot with an omnidirectional wheel-leg
Blockchain industry may cool following FTX collapse, but many are betting not for long

WBUR spoke with The Business School Professor of Practice Rob Sarnie about how the collapse of FTX could affect the blockchain industry in Massachusetts.

NSF Awards WPI and RPI research team $1.8M to create platform to help nonprofits find resources and talent

MassNonprofit News covered new, National Science Foundation-funded research being conducted by Andrew Trapp, Yunus Telliel, and Sarah Stanlick to create a digital tool to help nonprofits find and exchange resources, and ultimately build a collaborative community of organizations.

The World’s Most-Visited Glaciers Could Soon Be Gone

The New York Times spoke with Fred Bianchi, director of the Glacier National Park project center, about a new report from UNESCO that warns the world’s glaciers are disappearing. Professor Bianchi talked about the report’s potential effects on tourism, and the steps the park is taking to try to protect the glaciers.

What Are Those Mysterious New Towers Looming Over New York’s Sidewalks?

Alexander Wyglinski, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Electrical & Computer Engineering Professor, spoke with The New York Times about the new 5G towers that are being built across New York City. Professor Wyglinski talked about how the technology works and how it will enable the proliferation of 5G technology.

$1.5B Powerball jackpot increases gambling addiction concerns

Benjamin Nephew, assistant research professor of biology and biotechnology, talked with Spectrum News 1 about the science of addiction ahead of a $1 billion-plus Powerball lottery drawing.

Battery boom: Central Mass. invests billions in the electric vehicle market

William Smith Foundation Dean's Professor of Mechanical Engineering Yan Wang spoke with The Worcester Business Journal about his research and forward thinking on recycling lithium-ion batteries. The WBJ also spoke to Wang about the recycling process and how central Massachusetts is becoming a hub for battery research and commercialization.

The end of a battery’s life matters as much as its beginning

Vox spoke with William Smith Foundation Dean's Professor of Mechanical Engineering Yan Wang about the future of recycling lithium-ion batteries, and why the recycling process needs to be taken into consideration at the beginning of a battery’s life – during the manufacturing process, rather than just at the end.

With help from WPI students, new Worcester food pantry has a special mission

The Telegram & Gazette, Spectrum News 1, and MassLive covered the opening of Flourish at Thrive, a food pantry designed with the help of WPI IQP students from the Worcester Community Project Center.

WPI student helped NASA redirect asteroid


CBS Boston interviewed WPI senior Alyssa Magaha, who interned for the DART NASA mission that pushed an asteroid off its course.

New Process Yields Low-Cost Biodiesel from Food Waste

Chemical Engineering Professor Mike Timko and PhD student Heather LeClerc spoke with Biodiesel Magazine Podcast about their research to create a renewable biodiesel fuel from food waste.

WPI interim president splits time helping with cancer research

Spectrum News 1 interviewed interim President Winston “Wole” Soboyejo about continuing his research even after taking on more administrative responsibility at the university, and the importance of remaining connected with students at WPI.

Italy's plan to save Venice from sinking

The Global School professor and Venice Project Center director Fabio Carrera spoke with the BBC about the different plans and proposals to help Venice survive an existential crisis. As climate change causes sea levels to rise, the city is sinking and it could be underwater in a matter of decades. Carrera talked about how Venice needs to be more forward-looking than it has in the past - that the time for temporary fixes is over, and a longer-lasting solution is now necessary in order to save the city.

Blockchain backers see potential for flagship industry

The Business School Professor Joe Sarkis spoke with the State House News Service after he testified in a Beacon Hill hearing on a bill about blockchain and workforce development in Massachusetts. Sarkis told State House News how blockchain technology can be used for social good, to support sustainability goals, and transform supply chains.

Business Leaders Learn Essential DEI Skills

INSIGHT into Diversity spoke with The Business School Dean Debora Jackson about the new Executive PhD program and how it is giving executives the opportunity to support social justice initiatives and diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. Dean Jackson told INSIGHT that with this program, WPI is “making an impact for the betterment of society because we are helping our leaders to understand the value of giving back.”

Developing a sustainable concrete substitute

Science Daily covered the continued collaboration between Professor Suzanne Scarlata and Associate Professor Nima Rahbar to develop their Enzymatic Construction Material – a sustainable, low-cost replacement for concrete that can also heal itself. Scarlata and Rahbar recently received a nearly $700,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to refine the material, explore its ability to repair cracks in glass, and create educational programs for girls in Worcester and Nigeria.

Colleges ease COVID-19 restrictions as fall semester begins for millions of students

Lisa Pearlman, the director of student health services at WPI was interviewed by NPR for its segment. Lisa says we can’t forget it but “I do think we can kind of live with COVID for the first time and still do all of the other normal things. And that feels really different about this year than the past two."

Local aerospace engineer shares what to look for in Artemis I launch Saturday

Spectrum News 1 spoke with Nikolaos Gatsonis, head of aerospace engineering, about what he will be looking for when the Artemis I test flight to the moon launches.

This Recycling Tech Is Battling The Climate Crisis

Popular Mechanics spoke with Professor Yan Wang about his groundbreaking research to develop a method to recycle lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. Wang talked about the impetus for his research, the unique recycling process, the future of battery recycling, and how the technology is now being used commercially by Ascend Elements, the company Wang co-founded, along with his former PhD student Eric Gratz.