Still No Testing Code to Stop Burned Fire Hoses

NBC 10 (Boston) and sister station New England Cable News featured research by WPI Fire Protection Engineering in this report. Fire Protection Engineering Associate Professor Kathy Ann Notarianni told the station that while the protective gear the firefighters wear has improved, the hoses are virtually the same as those used a half-century ago.

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WPI Moon Landing Celebration

Worcester News Tonight covered WPI's celebration and presentation of the 50th anniversary of NASA sending men to the moon, which included James L. Green, NASA chief scientist, and Steven M. Rothstein, executive director of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation. President Laurie Leshin moderated the discussion, which covered the historical perspective of the United States’ participation in the Space Race against the Soviet Union, how Apollo 11’s legacy still lives on 50 years later, and other topics. (Clip starts at 4:04 mark)

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Brain Trust: WPI Creates Interdisciplinary Approach to Study Neuroscience

Diversity in Action magazine highlighted WPI's new Master of Science program in Neuroscience, which was spearheaded and instituted by Jean King, Peterson Family dean of Arts and Sciences. "The program will provide students with a strong foundation in computational, molecular, psychological, quantitative and interdisciplinary approaches to neuroscience, and is 'just a good blend of all the things that we do readily already, and where neuroscience as a field is emerging and where it is going,'" King said.

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WPI professor aims to understand life and death of our cells

The Worcester Business Journal is the latest to report on research by Kristen Billiar, professor and head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, who hopes to close an important gap in the understanding of physical factors that help regulate the life and death of cells in our bodies, and the important roles they play in the development of a wide range of disorders. Co-principle investigators include Nima Rahbar, associate professor of civil & environmental engineering, and Qi Wen, associate professor of physics.

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WPI prof awarded Fulbright

Jennifer McWeeny, associate professor of Humanities and Arts, was noted in the Telegram & Gazette’s College Town (scroll down to 4th item) for being awarded a Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award to conduct research in Paris from January to July 2020. McWeeny is the second woman in the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award’s history to receive a Fulbright to study philosophy in France, and the fourth woman at WPI to receive a Fulbright scholarship. logo
Movers and Shakers

Gregory Fischer, William Smith Dean’s Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Engineering, was noted in the Worcester Business Journal on his being elected a senior member of the National Academy of Inventors.

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Will Worcester’s higher education institutions fall off the Cliff?

The Telegram & Gazette’s Wall & Main column called out WPI as an area university the T&G said sounds most confident in handling a “dramatic” decline in the college age population. “The projected decline is a concern for many colleges and universities, but the degree to which it’s seen as a threat varies greatly by region and unique institutional factors,” said Andrew B. Palumbo, dean of admissions and financial aid. logo
CNN Highlights WPI as Test-Optional

CNN aired the commentary piece, noting WPI as among colleges and universities that have adapted test-optional admissions policies.

WPI Algorave

Worcester News Tonight covered New England's first Algorave, which was brought to PopUp Worcester by Charlie Roberts, assistant professor of computer science. Roberts, along with Gillian Smith, assistant professor of computer science, participated in live coding to create images and music simultaneously for attendees to enjoy. Roberts said one of the goals of the event was to combine computer science with art to make coding easier to digest and more accessible to students. (Clip begins at 9:21)

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WPI study looks at impact of weight-shaming pregnant women

Boston 25 spoke with Angela Incollingo Rodriguez, assistant professor of social science and policy studies, regarding her research about the impact of weight stigma or fat shaming on pregnant and postpartum women.

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Can herbal treatments for malaria work?

Referring to her work as “pioneering,’ Medical Academic included research by Professor Pamela Weathers, biology and biotechnology, on the Artemisia plant, in this article. Her work shows that the leaves of the plant can be made into a therapy that appears to be more effective than a drug at knocking out the malarial parasite.

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A New Kind of Thinking Cap for Online Learning

NSF360 (2:17 mark), the National Science Foundation’s online news channel featured work by Erin Solovey, assistant professor of computer science, on using non-invasive sensors to capture brain wave images to better understand how a person learns using on-line programs. Solovey’s research received $1 million in funding from the NSF.  

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A Groundbreaking Process for Recycling Lithium-ion Batteries

Calling it a “breakthrough process,” WCVBTV-Boston’s “Cutting Edge” segment, featured Yan Wang, William Smith Dean’s Professor of Mechanical Engineering, who developed a groundbreaking process for recycling lithium-ion batteries.

Most Americans Say Colleges Shouldn't Consider Race

 Andrew Palumbo, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, was quoted in an Inside Higher Ed story about recent surveys asking people whether they think race should have a role in college admissions decisions. Palumbo helped give context to the public perception of the factors involved in the admissions process.

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How to Prepare Students for Jobs in the Self-Driving-Car-Industry

WPI professor Alexander Wyglinski discusses a variety of academic and practical strategies for students exploring careers in the self-driving car industry.

College Town: WPI to Host Women in Data Science Conference

The Telegram & Gazette's College Town led off with news of WPI hosting its second annual Women in Data Science Central Massachusetts Conference, a satellite event coinciding with the annual Global Women in Data Science Conference. logo
On the Spectrum: WPI Professor Urges Neurodiversity in Tech Hiring

Eleanor Loiacono, professor in the Foisie Business School and director of the IDEA Hub, and Huimin Ren, a PhD student in the Data Science Program, were interviewed by the Telegram & Gazette for this article. Their newly published academic paper stated that high-tech firms have an opportunity to take advantage of the talents of a growing neurodiverse workforce. logo
Transforming Higher Education through Project-Based Learning

For nearly 50 years, WPI has been helping students become effective collaborators, innovators, and global citizens through project-based learning.

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The Impact of Weight Stigma on Pregnant and Postpartum Women

This morning, WBUR featured an interview with Angela C. Incollingo Rodriguez, assistant professor of psychology, on her research - the first such study of its kind - into the impact of weight stigma on pregnant and postpartum women. 

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WPI Part of New Center Focused on Recycling Batteries

Boston 25 featured a report on the university becoming an inaugural member of ReCell, the first U.S. Department of Energy center focused on lithium-ion battery recycling. Yan Wang, William Smith Dean’s Professor of Mechanical Engineering, was noted for developing the groundbreaking process for recycling lithium-ion batteries that can recover and reuse cathode materials regardless of their chemistry, will lead the project.

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