Lt. Gov. Visits WPI to Explore STEM Week Events

In celebration of STEM Week, Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito visited WPI yesterday to check out the Girls VEX IQ Robotics Team, led by WPI graduate student Shannon Moffat. The event, which was captured by Worcester News Tonight by Charter Chanel 3 (5:40 mark), showed girls from Worcester public schools what they're able to learn about and create in STEM, and that more women are entering into STEM fields.  

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How a WPI-engineered shoe could prevent devastating joint injuries

WPI student Alex Alvarez ’19, graduate student Jimmy Muller, and Professor Chris Brown appear on Boston 25 News touting the benefits of an athletic shoe designed to reduce knee and ankle injuries.

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WPI senior discusses shoe project on WBUR radio

WPI senior Kyle Mudge ’19 appears on WBUR radio discussing a working prototype of a sports shoe designed to reduce knee and ankle injuries.

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WPI Researcher's Study Shows that Pesticides Might be Adding to Bumblebee Decline

WBUR spoke with Rob Gegear, assistant professor of biology and biotechnology, about his research on the decline of bumblebees. His work explores neonicotinoids - an ingredient in pesticides that can be purchased in hardware stores - and how the chemical might be a key factor in the decreasing numbers of native bees.

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Pesticide could be killing Massachusetts' endangered bumblebees, study finds

MassLive featured research by Robert Gegear, assistant professor of biology and biotechnology, that uncovered a new link between neonicotinoid pesticide exposure and wild bumblebee decline. MassLive also featured Gegear’s work in the editorial, “Bee Crisis Is Nothing to Snicker At.”

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WPI Invents New Shoe

Mechanical engineering professor Chris Brown and WPI senior Kyle Mudge ’19 appear on the Charter TV3 segment segment about the WPI student team developing a working prototype of a sports shoe designed to reduce knee and ankle injuries. 

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WPI Students Design Shoe To Protect Athletes From ACL Injuries

WBZ-TV aired a segment about the WPI student team developing a working prototype of a sports shoe designed to reduce knee and ankle injuries. 

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Leverage diversity to your benefit

The Worcester Business Journal published an article by Bonnie J. Walker, executive director of diversity and inclusion strategy, in its “Know How” section.

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Carbon Removal Firms See Opportunity in U.N. Climate Report

Bloomberg quoted Jennifer Wilcox, the James H. Manning Chaired Professor, chemical engineering, in this article. “There’s no question that permanent removal of carbon dioxide from the air will be necessary to meet our climate goals, but it should not be seen as a replacement for the less costly approaches of increased energy efficiency and mitigation,” Wilcox said.

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WPI Researchers Use International Space Station as Testbed with NASA

Professor Alex Wyglinski discusses space communications research he is conducting with NASA Glenn Research Center.

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Business School Professor Uses Analytical Tools to Address Human Trafficking

Renata Konrad spoke to WBUR's Morning Edition about work funded by the National Science Foundation using analytical tools to help aid agencies disrupt human trafficking networks.

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Researchers Use AI To Develop New Space Communications

WBZ radio posted a story and aired a two-minute segment about research being done by Alexander Wyglinski, WPI professor of electrical engineering and robotics engineering, on AI in space communications.

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WPI Alumni-Led Team Wins 2018 Battlebots World Championship

Charter TV3 Worcester News Tonight is the latest media outlet to report on a WPI alumni-led team winning the 2018 BattleBots World Championship. The station aired an interview with Bite Force team captain Paul Ventimiglia ’12. 

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WPI holds viewing party for Discovery Channel finale of Battle Bots World championship

In Battle Bots news, the Telegram & Gazette published this story. Students came out to watch WPI alums Paul Ventimiglia and Jeremiah Jinno, who were part of the winning Bite Force team, which WPI co-sponsors. logo
Seeking to boost oil production, petroleum researchers turn to nanotech

Chemical and Engineering News quoted Nancy A. Burnham, associate professor, physics and biomedical engineering, in this article.

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WPI is using the International Space Station as a testbed for space communications Experiments with NASA

WPI professor Alex Wyglinski is interviewed on WBUR radio discussing how WPI is using the International Space Station as a testbed for space communications. 

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2018’s Best & Worst Cities for People with Disabilities

WalletHub spoke to Roger Gottlieb, professor of philosophy, about the many financial and physical challenges faced by people living with disabilities for a story about the “2018 Best and Worst Cities for People with Disabilities.”

Algebra That Fits With Career Goals May Be Key To Math-Loving Kids

Forbes noted an online math tutoring system developed by WPI researchers in this article. Computer Science Professor Neil Heffernan created ASSISTments, which will be part of a study looking at the impact of interest-focused algebra problems on student success and connectedness with STEM careers, Forbes reported.

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WPI researchers granted $145k to attack human trafficking networks

The Worcester Business Journal reported on how with a one-year, $145,000 award from the National Science Foundation (NSF), researchers in the Foisie Business School  will explore how analytical tools commonly used in industry can be employed to attack human trafficking networks worldwide by ferreting out the supply chains that sustain them.  

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WPI Addresses Unconscious Bias

WPI’s ongoing efforts to prepare students for an increasingly diverse workforce were highlighted in this Diversity in Action article. “Researchers will teach WPI students how to identify and address bias and work in groups in ways that promote equity,” the article stated.

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