WPI Forum on CRISPR Breakthrough

Worcester News Tonight covered a forum held at WPI on the gene-editing technology known as CRISPR.

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WPI professors raise ethical questions on CRISPR breakthrough

The Worcester Business Journal covered a WPI forum on the gene-editing technology known as CRISPR. Noted in the article were: Dean, Arts and Sciences, Jean King; Assistant Professor, Social Science, Patricia Stapleton; Associate Professor, Humanities and Arts Bethel Eddy; Associate Professor, Biology and Biotechnology, Rita Rao; and Associate Teaching Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Destin Heilman.

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Wall & Main: How climate change will cut 10% from U.S. economy

The Telegram & Gazette published syndicated business columnist Peter Cohan’s interview with Jennifer Wilcox, the James H. Manning Chaired Professor of Chemical Engineering. She discussed the cost and impact of climate change, and how it can be slowed.

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Fireproofing our Future Through Better Design

Nova interviewed Albert Simeoni (2:32 mark), professor, interim department head, Fire Protection Engineering; and Steven Van Dessel (2:14 mark), associate professor, director, Architectural Engineering Program, for this PBS Videos segment on Facebook.

New bridges to ease Cook Conservation trails in Lancaster

WPI students are mentioned in the Sentinel & Enterprise for helping design bridges for the Cook Conservation area in Lancaster.

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Wild Bees are Dying and Ecosystem Collapse will Follow—but Nobody's Taking Notice

In a Q&A with Rob Gegear, assistant professor of biology and biotechnology, Newsweek reported on the decline in pollinators, how people can help bumblebees, and the Bee-cology project, Gegear's app that enables citizen scientists to collect data on native bees. 

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Tesla Is the Hot Spot for Young Job Seekers

This Wall Street Journal article included WPI as one of the universities Tesla draws on for mechanical engineers and other talent. David Ortendahl, the Career Development Center’s director of corporate relations, was quoted. 

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The Self-Taught Gardener: Embracing Codependency

A recent speech by Robert J. Gegear, assistant professor of biology and biotechnology, at the Berkshire (Mass.) Botanical Garden was cited in this Berkshire Edge article.

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New Robotic System Aims to Destroy Brain Tumors

WPI researchers led by Gregory S. Fischer, associate professor of mechanical engineering and robotics engineering, were featured in Machine Design. They, along with Albany Medical College and corporate partners, received a five-year, $3.5 million award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to continue developing an innovative medical robotic system. 

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Using machine learning and optimization to improve refugee integration

Analytics reported on a computational tool developed by a team led by Andrew Trapp, associate professor in the Foisie Business School, to help humanitarian aid organizations significantly improve refugees’ chances of successfully resettling and integrating into a new country.

Exploring how lipids in our bodies and cell membranes affect aging and long-term health

Life Extension Magazine reported on the two-year, nearly $421,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health, which was given to Carissa Perez Olsen, the Leonard P. Kinnicutt Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Through her research, Olsen hopes to gain a better understanding of the role lipids play in longevity and long-term health.

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Worcester Polytechnic research team wins award from USABC for battery recycling process

Charged, a publication dedicated to news in the electric vehicles industry, reported on a WPI materials engineering research team, led by mechanical engineering professor Yan Wang. The team received $1 million to extend development of a novel process to recycle spent lithium-ion batteries and produce new cathode materials.

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For Mentorships to Work, Colleges Have to Commit

The Chronicle of Higher Education quoted Professor Suzanne L. Weekes, mathematical sciences, in its article “For Mentorships to Work, Colleges Have to Commit” The article also mentioned Weekes is the  winner of an annual mentoring award from the Association for Women in Mathematics.

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Local researchers develop device to help treat male infertility

Boston 25 News talked to Erkan Tuzel, associate professor of physics, biomedical engineering, and computer science, about Spartan, a small device that can be used to determine the fastest and best sperm cells to use during in vitro fertilization. “We wanted to come up with a passive technique where the sperm cells are not subjected to any large forces,” Tuzel told Boston 25. “The objective would be to come up with improved infertility solutions so that these processes take a shorter amount of time with better success rate."

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Strength & Power: In Praise of Roswell Rudd

Jazz Times, considered one of the world’s foremost jazz publications, featured a tribute to acclaimed trombonist Roswell Rudd on the anniversary of his death and noted that Rudd’s massive archive of music will be housed in WPI’s Jazz History Database, founded by assistant teaching professor Rich Falco to digitally preserve jazz music. 


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Robotic system targets brain tumors with high-intensity ultrasound

Physics World reported on WPI researchers led by Gregory S. Fischer, PhD, associate professor of mechanical engineering and robotics engineering, and Albany Medical College, along with corporate partners, receiving a five-year, $3.5 million award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to continue developing an innovative robotic system. Operating within an MRI scanner, it can deliver a minimally invasive probe into the brain to destroy metastatic brain tumors with high-intensity therapeutic ultrasound under real-time guidance.

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College Town: WPI Club has Magic Formula

The Telegram & Gazette’s College Town profiled one of the university’ newest clubs. Sophomore Emily Staknis, first-year student Austin Jandrucko, and graduate student Vignesh Mano’j Varier, all majoring in robotics engineering, were quoted in the article about the Society of Magicians. 

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Life Sciences in Mass. is Touted as the Place to Be

Dean Jean King, arts and sciences, was quoted in this Telegram & Gazette article about the third annual Next-in-Bio event at WPI, which attracted students from nine colleges and universities to present class projects and network with life sciences’ industry leaders.

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WPI receives $3.5M to develop robotic system to eliminate brain tumors

The Worcester Business Journal reported on research led by Gregory S. Fischer, PhD, associate professor of mechanical engineering and robotics engineering, and Albany Medical College, along with corporate partners, receiving a five-year, $3.5 million award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to continue developing an innovative robotic system to treat brain tumors.

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Experts Suggest the Future of Autonomous Vehicle Movement Rests on Resolving Business Challenges and New Technology

Money, Inc. quoted Professor Alexander Wyglinski, electrical and computer engineering, in this article. “Computer simulators are useful since the cost of using human testers can be significant (using a computer simulation requires significantly less resources compared to actual physical cars + human testers),” he said.

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