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This Master’s in AI Program Is a Cross-University Collaboration. Here’s How Students Will Learn.

Elke Rundensteiner, the William Smith Dean's Professor of Computer Science and founding head of the WPI data science program, spoke with BestColleges about the university's new master's degree in artificial intelligence

Waste Advantage Magazine

A WPI research team working to tackle harmful algal blooms by creating 3D-printed floating structures which serve as photocatalysts was chosen for funding by the Environmental Protection Agency. The project will include students in mechanical & materials engineering and robotics engineering, Professors Pratap Rao and Markus Nemitz, and postdoctoral fellow Ceren Yilmaz Akkaya.

3D Printing & Design Magazine

3D Printing & Design, a Spanish-language magazine in Spain, has published an article written by robotics engineering professor Markus Nemitz on the work he leads to develop 3D printable soft robots for search and rescue. 

The New England Council Blog

Professor Markus Nemitz is the recipient of a $600,000 National Science Foundation CAREER Award to develop robots capable of traversing difficult terrain.

Fagen Wasanni Technologies

Robotics engineering professor Markus Nemitz collaborated with Quantum Computing Inc. to integrate a WPI robot with the company’s sensor system to detect landmines. This article profiles the partnership within WPI's ROSE-HUB (Robots and Sensors for Human Well-being), an NSF Industry University Cooperative Research Center site.


Robotics & Automation News

Imagine flexible 3D-printed robots that can crawl, dive, swim, climb, and operate where humans can't. Robotics & Automation News wrote about robotics engineering professor Markus Nemitz and his work to develop these robots.

Spectrum News 1

Robotics engineering professor Markus Nemitz is working to create soft robots, made of flexible materials, which can go where other robots, and humans, cannot. His work was highlighted in this report by Spectrum News 1 Worcester.

Worcester Business Journal

Imagine flexible robots that can dive, swim, climb, and crawl to assist in challenging search and rescue environments. This Worcester Business Journal article outlines the efforts by robotics engineering professor Markus Nemitz to develop them and to create an obstacle course to test the robots.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

More than 70 media outlets, including the Latin Trade , Pittsburgh Post Gazette, and the Oklahoman carried the news of WPI welcoming 19 full-time educators and researchers to its faculty for the 2020-21 academic year.