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CBS Boston

Worcester Polytechnic Institute researcher using spacing and color to make algebra easier

Social science and policy studies associate professor Erin Ottmar spoke with CBS Boston about how changes to spacing and color could make algebra easier.

Spectrum News 1

Robotics engineering professor Markus Nemitz is working to create soft robots, made of flexible materials, which can go where other robots, and humans, cannot. His work was highlighted in this report by Spectrum News 1 Worcester.

Worcester Business Journal

Imagine flexible robots that can dive, swim, climb, and crawl to assist in challenging search and rescue environments. This Worcester Business Journal article outlines the efforts by robotics engineering professor Markus Nemitz to develop them and to create an obstacle course to test the robots.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

More than 70 media outlets, including the Latin Trade , Pittsburgh Post Gazette, and the Oklahoman carried the news of WPI welcoming 19 full-time educators and researchers to its faculty for the 2020-21 academic year.