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WPI researcher provides expertise and context in The New York Times on AT&T data breach

“When you move your IT infrastructure to the cloud, suddenly you’re in a place that is shared with a bunch of other people, and it becomes much trickier… There are many more ways in which potential attacks can be done.”  Professor Patrick Schaumont in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering provided analysis for The New York Times on the AT&T breach involving the data of more than 100 million phone customers. He discussed the potential risks of shared IT infrastructure in the cloud. The article also appeared on MSN. He was also quoted on the national security concerns raised by the data breach in an article on CBS News that was posted on yahoo! News and AOL.


Farnoush Reshadi, assistant professor of marketing in The Business School, helps explain non-owner car insurance in this WalletHub article. Non-owner car insurance is coverage for drivers who don’t own a car but drive regularly using rental cars, car sharing services, or borrowed vehicles.

Orange County Register

Farnoush Reshadi, assistant professor of marketing, was interviewed by the Orange County Register in California about how consumers may respond to the potential for new approaches to pricing in the fast-food industry


“Consumers see surge pricing that is based on time as an unfair practice… however, small price changes often go undetected by consumers.” In this Axios article, Farnoush Reshadi, assistant professor of marketing in The Business School, discusses Wendy’s decision to test out dynamic pricing

Retail TouchPoints

“The fundamental principle driving the success of limited-edition products is creating a sense of scarcity.” Assistant Professor of Marketing Farnoush Reshadi explains some of the marketing forces driving consumer demand for Stanley tumblers in an article in Retail TouchPoints. 


Farnoush Reshadi, assistant professor in The Business School, provided analysis and advice for consumers on what to know about prepaid debit cards in this article in WalletHub.

USA Today

Professor of marketing Farnoush Reshadi shared her expertise on personal finance and gift giving with USA Today for this article on how to keep to a budget during the holiday season and how to be a better gift giver.


Farnoush Reshadi, professor of marketing in The Business School, lent expertise for this article on understanding annual percentage rates. She's quoted in a question & answer section that provides insight to help people understand their loans and credit cards.


Farnoush Reshadi, assistant professor in The Business School, was featured in an "Ask the Experts" piece in WalletHub, a personal finance website. The article focused on advice for people trying to find a personal loan and characteristics of good personal loans.


Pittsburgh Post Gazette

More than 70 media outlets, including the Latin Trade , Pittsburgh Post Gazette, and the Oklahoman carried the news of WPI welcoming 19 full-time educators and researchers to its faculty for the 2020-21 academic year.