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WPI researcher provides expertise and context in The New York Times on AT&T data breach

“When you move your IT infrastructure to the cloud, suddenly you’re in a place that is shared with a bunch of other people, and it becomes much trickier… There are many more ways in which potential attacks can be done.”  Professor Patrick Schaumont in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering provided analysis for The New York Times on the AT&T breach involving the data of more than 100 million phone customers. He discussed the potential risks of shared IT infrastructure in the cloud. The article also appeared on MSN. He was also quoted on the national security concerns raised by the data breach in an article on CBS News that was posted on yahoo! News and AOL.

AFP (Agence France-Presse)

Wendy’s will test dynamic pricing, meaning products may cost more at times of peak demand and less in off-hours. Purvi Shah, associate professor of marketing in The Business School, analyzes the risk and potential reward for the company in this article from Agence France-Presse in Le Parisien 

Ad Age

Associate professor of marketing Purvi Shah provided analysis for this article in Ad Age which explores the role of brand-awareness in generating excitement for products such as Stanley's tumblers. Shah notes how limited-edition products and brand consciousness among the youngest consumers are helping drive demand for certain brands.


AFP (Agence France-Presse)

Agence France-Presse interviewed Purvi Shah, professor at The Business School, about the phenomenon behind the recent resurgence of items such as Barbie, Furbies, and Grimace. Shah has done extensive research in this area, even coining the term "nostalgic brand love", which is a main driver behind the newfound popularity. The original article was published in French and widely circulated to English media outlets such as MSN and Barron's.

Spectrum News 1

Purvi Shah, associate professor at the Business School and an expert on brand deletion, talked with Spectrum News 1 about the possible strategies underlying social media giant Twitter's transition to X. 

Food Navigator USA

Food Navigator USA, a publication that focuses on news and analysis on food and beverage development and technology, posted an article about Business School professor Purvi Shah’s research on nostalgic brand love.