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This Master’s in AI Program Is a Cross-University Collaboration. Here’s How Students Will Learn.

Elke Rundensteiner, the William Smith Dean's Professor of Computer Science and founding head of the WPI data science program, spoke with BestColleges about the university's new master's degree in artificial intelligence


 Mimi Sheller, dean of The Global School and mobilities researcher, provided analysis for this Bloomberg article on a new review that estimates the number of deaths, injuries, and other health and social impacts attributed to vehicles and driving

BBC Radio 4

The Global School Dean Mimi Sheller was interviewed for BBC Radio 4’s Analysis program for an episode which explores the politics around driving, traffic policy, fuel taxes, and the political power of the motorist. Sheller, a scholar on mobilities, discusses the role of the vehicle in society, lifestyle, and identity; and how the pandemic changed some mindsets and behaviors around driving. 

Spectrum News 1

WPI is empowering students to address global health challenges by leveraging socially responsible technology like AI-assisted medical treatment, wearable sensors, mobile apps, and biomedical devices. This report from Spectrum News 1 features our new master’s in Global Health program which will have a central focus on the social and ethical ramifications of health technology development.

Boston Globe

Mimi Sheller, Dean of The Global School, was interviewed for this front-page article in The Boston Globe on the UN Climate Change Conference. Sheller pointed out one shortcoming of the conference as the level of funding committed to the Loss and Damage Fund. That fund seeks to help address the burdensome expense of climate adaptation in developing nations. 

Booked on Planning

The Global School Dean Mimi Sheller discusses the history of, trends in, and her research on mobility justice in Booked on Planning, a podcast from the Nebraska Chapter of the American Planning Association. The interview focuses on the concepts explored in Sheller’s book Mobility Justice: the Politics of Movement in an Age of Extremes.


Mimi Sheller, Dean of The Global School, was interviewed about her research on mobilities and spoke about WPI’s Global Projects Program on WCCA TV.

Worcester Business Journal

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration plans award that will see WPI will co-design climate resilience plans in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Global School will also lead knowledge sharing between NOAA climate adaptation partnership teams in the Caribbean and the Northeast. 

Tomorrow is the Problem

Mimi Sheller, Dean of The Global School, discusses some of the historical and cultural underpinnings behind inequalities in power and mobilities in this podcast exploring Haiti and its future. The podcast is a project of the Knight Foundation Art + Research Center at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami.