What parking and/or transit options are available for graduates and guests?

We encourage our students to travel to the DCU Center with their family and friends. For those without transportation, WPI will provide a shuttle bus to and from the Higgins House Lot to the DCU Center. To take the shuttle bus, you must sign-up via your HUB Account. We are currently coordinating this transportation, and will include this in our future monthly student letters. The deadline for a student to reserve a seat on the shuttle is April 22; after this date, shuttle seats will not be available and students will need to find their own way to the DCU Center.

Students will report to the Higgins House (HH) Lot with their regalia to a shuttle to the DCU Center. The shuttle buses are only available for the Class of 2024 students. Guests are expected to travel directly to the DCU Center via their own means. 

There are several conveniently located parking garages and lots in the downtown area and surrounding the DCU Center. For more information please visit: https://www.dcucenter.com/visitor-information/parking/ 

For alternative travel options to the DCU Center from airports or using the MBTA, please visit https://www.dcucenter.com/visitor-information/transportation/