How do I support my student’s transition to college?

The transition from high school to college can be difficult for students and families alike, but you can support your student by providing an empathetic listening ear, following their lead in engaging on campus, and allowing them to make calculated mistakes. Personal identity and growth are fluid processes and not all students take the same path. Encourage your student to go to class, do the work, and ask for help.


Some students may struggle while transitioning to WPI because of its academic rigor, being surrounded by many likeminded peers, and pressure they may feel for a smooth transition. As a parent or caregiver, first ask your student if they want your help or suggestions.

  • If not, take a step back and be ready to provide support when asked, but step in if you’re seriously worried for their safety or welfare.
  • If yes, focus on practical skills to suggest to your student (how to use a calendar, scheduling their day-to-day, and creating effective study habits, work/life balance, and self-advocacy). Support them in connecting with those on campus who can help model and encourage these behaviors.

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