Binding Plate to Reduce the Number of ACL Injuries as well as Inadvertent Releases in Alpine Skiing

The Pivotal Ski Binding Plate protects skiers from anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries caused by “phantom foot” and bootinduced anterior drawer. The plate utilizes an adjustable spring-cam mechanism that acts as a vertical displacement moderator. This moderator can absorb applied forces leading to boot induced anterior drawer injuries, and sense when the skier is in a compromised position, activation the phantom foot injury avoidance system, releasing the heel. The binding may then rotate about the toe, reducing injurious loads without need for release. Because the foot does not remain in a fixed position, less injury-inducing twisting of the knee can occur. This mechanism can be reversed, so that it can be used on either foot. The Pivotal Ski Binding Plate helps to prevent injuries without fear of inadvertent release, as well.

Key Features/Benefits

  • Novel ski binding plate
  • Unique constant load absorbing mechanism
  • Adjustable vertical displacement monitor detects injurious loads
  • Dual pivot at toe end allows for lateral motion of the heel
Faculty/PhD/Staff Inventor(s)
John M. Madura
Research Category
Health & Biotechnology
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