Immersive Head Worn Display

In the up and coming technology field, virtual reality headsets are making their debut on the commercial market. Virtual reality headsets provide a unique gaming experience where users are dynamically immersed into a virtual world. However, the current virtual reality headsets fail to offer users the ability to allow for long term gaming usage as well as the ability for the user to interact with their surrounding world. To combat this issue, the Immersion Shutter virtual reality headset creates a unique gaming environment where users control the level of immersion through power operated panels located on both sides of the device as shown in the figure.

With the ability to adjust how much of the surrounding world the user sees while gaming, the user is less likely to develop sickness, as the virtual reality devices on the market currently do. Additionally, current virtual reality headsets have many safety risks while also inhibiting their ability to interact with their surrounding environment for simple tasks such as picking up a phone or picking up a cup. The Immersion Shutter allows users to avoid these common issues by allowing them to choose whether to be partially or fully immersed in the virtual world.

Key Features/Benefits

  • First virtual reality headset to offer user complete immersion control
  • Immersion controls prevent users from developing sickness
  • Allows for long-term gaming
Robert Lindeman
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Robotics & Cyberphysical Systems
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