Shock Absorbing Skate

The occurrence of overuse injuries (stress fractures, tendonitis, etc.) due to jump landings in elite figure skaters is common. If skaters had the ability to reduce the risk of such injuries, they would be able to spend more time practicing and less time recovering.

The ReLeaf Blade is a new type of figure skating blade that incorporates a load absorption device between the top of the skate blade and the bottom of the skate boot, so impact loads are not entirely transferred to the foot and leg. The absorption device takes the place of the mounting plates found on traditional figure skate blades.

Key Features/Benefits

  • The design includes an adjustable preload, allowing the skater to adjust the blade for their individual body weights and absorption preferences.
  • The blade seeks to reduce the instance of injuries, consequently reducing the amount of hospital visits, medical bills, and time away from training.
  • The blade is tailored to absorb loads without impeding the skater’s ability to execute jumps, spins, or other tricks.
  • A one-directional friction component prevents the blade from aiding in the initiation of any jumps by restricting the ability for the spring to reload quickly.
Faculty/PhD/Staff Inventor(s)
Karin E. Greene
Devon L. Rehm
Research Category
Health & Biotechnology
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