Household Electric-Powered Hand Truck

Today, there are approximately 46 million people over the age of 65. Many people in this demographic experience difficulty lifting objects from the ground to a tabletop, and vice-versa. The automatic hand truck is designed to assist the elderly, injured, or general public with transporting and lifting household items of a maximum of 50 lbs. to a height up to 3 ft.

The Household Electric-powered Hand Truck embodies a lifting mechanism comprised of a ball screw and ball nut assembly. A ball screw and ball nut assembly has not previously been utilized within the hand truck industry.  The developed prototype (with the ball screw and ball nut assembly) provided proof of concept that this mechanism can be successfully applied to an automated hand truck lifting device.

Key Features/Benefits

In the home or on-the-go, the user is able to lift a maximum load of 50 lbs. to a height of 3 ft. using this lightweight electrically powered hand truck.

Existing hand trucks have the ability to assist the user in moving heavy objects, and some are able to climb stairs. However, they cannot lift an object from the ground up to a 36 inch surface. There are other lifts available suitable for industrial use, but this product is a small, lightweight household tool that is available to anyone.

Faculty/PhD/Staff Inventor(s)
Ayushka Shrestha '19
Azita Bakhtyari ’19
Tim Tetreault ’19
Justin Nguyen ’19
Research Category
Health & Biotechnology
Patent Status
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