Warming Antiseptic Applicator

The Warming Antiseptic Applicator addresses a need in the healthcare / patient care / medical procedure market. The redesigned Warming Antiseptic Applicator creates a warming system for antiseptic applied to a patient’s skin prior to a medical procedure.  This method will replace the current cold and uncomfortable method of applying antiseptic to a patient’s skin prior to medical procedures resulting in poor patient experience.

Currently patients endure an uncomfortable experience prior to surgery or other procedures, caused by the application of a cold skin antiseptic solution.  The Warming Antiseptic Applicator has redesigned an existing skin preparation antiseptic applicator to incorporate a heat of mixing reaction that can take place within the device.  The redesigned device includes chambers where the chemical components of the reaction will be stored.  Removing the barrier between the chambers allows the reaction to occur, thereby heating the antiseptic.  In preparation for a medical / surgical procedure, the skin can be prepared with a warm antiseptic application, resulting in a more comfortable patient experience.

Key Features/Benefits

The warm antiseptic can reduce patient discomfort that occurs during the skin preparation phase of a medical procedure and directly affects the patient experience in pre-operative scenarios.  The addition of a warming component to antiseptic skin preparation applicator will eliminate the shockingly cold sensation that many patients experience with the applicators that are currently on the market. The Warming Antiseptic Applicator is a redesign of existing antiseptic applicator products currently in use by adding a heating component.

Competing Approaches and Why We are Better:

There are two main competitors to the Warming Antiseptic Applicator but neither include a warming component, which gives this technology and advantage over the competition. ChloraPrep Applicator by Becton Dickinson (BD) is the largest competitor and widely used but does not have a warming feature, causing discomfort to many patients. DuraPrep by 3M is an indirect competitor that also has an antiseptic applicator; however, it has a different chemical composition.

Currently there is a prototype and proof of concept for the physical device, the Warming Antiseptic Applicator.  Antimicrobial testing performed confirmed that the new device still kills an acceptable amount of bacteria to be a viable alternative to current ‘gold standard’ antiseptic skin applications in preparation for surgery or other medical procedures.

Dr. Sarwat Hussain
Evan Ruppell
Kalyn Ricciuti
Alicia Costi
Emily Kolaya
Ravneet Kaur
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