Adam Mayer

Assistant Director, Pre-collegiate Outreach Programs & Admission
Department : Pre-Collegiate Outreach
Office location: 20 Trowbridge

Adam joined WPI as the Assistant Director of Pre-Collegiate Outreach Programs & Undergraduate Admissions in January 2022. As a WPI employee, he will assist in the coordination of summer programs, such as Launch, Frontiers, and Frontiers for Credit. He will also work closely with the Undergraduate Admissions team to recruit the incoming class of students. Prior to joining WPI, Adam worked as a Marketing/Fundraising Director for a non-profit. He also brings previous experience as an Admissions Counselor and Residence Hall Director to the table. Adam enjoys the opportunity to work with students of all ages. He is excited to share the joys of STEM via the various programs offered in the Office of Pre-Collegiate Outreach Programs.