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Paraguay, located between Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil, is a beautiful country, served by two major rivers and comprised of several distinct natural regions. It is world famous for its bird life, and the mighty jaguar and feared anaconda, as well as many other beautiful and interesting creatures, call Paraguay home. Interestingly, the country’s culture and society represent a blend of both indigenous and colonial influences, a dual inheritance that manifests in its unique commitment (in South America) to two official languages, Guarani and Spanish. With only seven million people, Paraguay is small, but it has a robust economy based on remarkable agricultural production. Unfortunately, that wealth ensures a high standard of living for a only a small percentage of the population, and poverty is wide spread.  Students have been completing projects since 2014. 

Past Paraguay students have:

  • Improved a system for monitoring poverty with Fundacion Paraguaya
  • Developed upgrades and marketing materials for the San Francisco School’s on-campus dairy factory with Fundacion Paraguaya
  • Designed an improved heating system at the San Francisco School with Fundacion Paraguaya