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Berlin is the capital and largest city in Germany, with nearly 3.5 million residents; it is also the third-largest metro area in the European Union. Berlin has a unique history, and occupies a singular space in Germany, but like most cities, it remains full of challenges and opportunities. Students have been completing projects in Berlin since 2019.

Past projects include:

1. Night-Time Light Emissions: Students developed a web tutorial for citizen scientists so that they could understand how to identify and categorize street lights in the city of Berlin. The project aims ultimately to generate a catalog of artificial lights in certain quadrants of the city.

2. Safeguarding the Online Presence of LGBTIQ Refugees: Students identified strategies for vulnerable refugee clients of a Berlin legal-aid organization to keep their data safe online.

3. Supporting a Community-Based Design Center: Students collaborated with a municipal architect in thinking through how a district of Berlin could establish a community-based design center.]