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Located at the southern tip of South Africa, Cape Town is situated between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, with the Table Mountain range running through the city and down the Cape of Good Hope. Cape Town is cosmopolitan city with visitors and residents from around the globe, but it continues to struggle with the legacy of apartheid that perpetuates significant social, economic, and political inequities along racial lines. The Cape Town, South Africa Project Center has been active since 2007. 

Past Cape Town students have:

  • Worked to improve dialogue and ongoing communication between recipients on government housing and government ministry departments
  • Helped to raise awareness of different economic and social groups in the city through collaborative murals
  • Supported the development of a Children’s Museum by collecting childhood narratives and establishing a web-based platform for the continued collection of digital stories
  • Assessed at-risk population’s and relevant stakeholder awareness and interest in newly developed HIV prevention technologies

Learn more about past projects on the Project Center's website: Cape Town Project Centre.