Copenhagen, Denmark Project Center - IQP

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D-Term during spring
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Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP)

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, with diverse technologies with an emphasis on electronics, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, furniture craft, and alternative energy. Denmark has been an ideal place for IQP projects since 1995. Danes debate the impact of technology on the quality of life, and are leaders in utilizing modern technology while promoting happiness and wellbeing.

Past Copenhagen students have:

  • Promoted citizen-science initiatives in local communities
  • Assessed the IT strategies for global NGOs
  • Designed the front-end of trishaw/tricycle to transport elderly residents
  • Researched the shift from sustainability to regenerative action
  • Designed the user interface for dental office software
  • Facilitated discussion of sustainability in engineering consultancies
  • Developed a social media campaign to promote air pollution awareness
  • Promoted entrepreneurship for women in STEM
  • Explored the political and public preferences for green spaces