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Hangzhou, China Project Center - IQP

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Hangzhou, China Project Center - IQP
Current Director(s): 
Program Term(s): 
B-Term during late fall
Project Opportunities: 
Hangzhou, recognized as one of China’s most beautiful cities, is located on China’s booming southeastern coast. As both the capital of China’s richest province (Zhejiang) and one of China’s ancient imperial capitals, Hangzhou exemplifies China’s quest to become a modern economic power while retaining its unique historical identity. West Lake, an old imperial park in the center of Hangzhou, is a World Heritage Site, and offers residents and tourists alike a beautiful retreat. Alongside it, is a bustling and modern city that combines old historic districts with skyscrapers. Hangzhou is China’s fourth largest metropolitan region, and its infrastructure reflects that. Public transportation is modern, clean, inexpensive, and extensive. From Hangzhou, students can easily travel to Shanghai in an hour or to Beijing in 5 hours on the high-speed train—as well as to many other cities both inland and on the seaboard. Students have been completing IQPs in Hangzhou since 2014. 

Past Hangzhou students have:

  • Determined feasibility of electronic bike share system in Hangzhou
  • Recommended e-book sharing and recycling practices for e-platform library start-up
  • Analyzed clinical trial protocols in China, Europe, and US for biotech firm
  • Explored best practices for bilingual Montessori School in Hangzhou
  • Proposed changes to Hangzhou’s cultural infrastructure to improve city’s livability
  • Made recommendations to develop smart parking in Hangzhou
  • Assessed crypto-community culture and platforms for local start-up