Hawaii Project Center - IQP

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C-Term during winter
B-Term during late fall
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Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP)

The Hawaii Project Center began in 2020 with the small town Hilo, on the island of Hawaii. Beginning in 2021, the project center moved to Honolulu on the island of Oahu. The bustling, urban environment of Honolulu provides more project opportunities to our students while still offering a Hawaiian experience.

The Hawaii Project Center offers projects in a wide range of topics, but because of the ecological uniqueness of the islands, many projects will be in the area of environmental conservation and sustainable development. This may include topics in environmental restoration, invasive species management, conservation outreach, and citizen science, among others. Other projects may address challenges in topics such as historic preservation and community development.

Teams will work with a range of sponsors, including federal, state, and local government agencies and non-profit organizations. Past projects include:

  • Determining the Feasibility of a Reusable Takeout Container System for Hilo, HI
  • Creating Strategies to Increase Effectiveness at the East Hawai‘i Cultural Center
  • Feasibility of Protecting Residential Structures from Wildfires using a Fixed Exterior Fire Fighting System