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Israel is a small nation nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. It contains geographically diverse features and has a unique atmosphere of past and future, simultaneously rooted in its rich history and set on the cutting edge of innovation. Although the country is only about the size of New Jersey and has limited natural resources, Israel is a hub for entrepreneurship, home to more high-tech startups per capita than any other nation in the world. This culture of innovation (or "Israel effect") has been studied worldwide, and makes Israel an exciting place to work and study, which WPI students have been doing since 2014. Students are located in Eilat, near the Red Sea and live at a local Kibbutz.

Past Israel students have addressed problems such as:

  • Exploring alternative energy solutions
  • Exploring the use of agricultural waste for innovative products
  • Automating processes for agriculture (sorting and identification)
  • Improving desert agriculture through high-tech