Kyoto, KUAS Japan MQP

Current Director(s)
Program Term(s)
B-Term during late fall
A-Term during early fall
Project Opportunities
Major Qualifying Project (MQP)

This MQP Project Center works out of Kyoto University of Advanced Science, a very new university founded in 2019 with a mission to create knowledge skills demanded by the modern world.  The university holds classes in English, and aims for 50% international students.

Kyoto was the ancient capital of Japan prior to 1868, and is still considered the cultural capital.  It is known for the beautiful architecture of its Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, some of which are over 1400 years old.

Potential projects vary from biomedical sensors for sleep and glucose monitoring, to human-machine interaction for virtual reality, to robotic surgical instruments, and machine learning algorithms to model water quality. The university is funded by the motor company Nidec, so there are many projects related to electric motor design and motor controllers as well.


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