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Newsweek has dubbed London “the coolest city on the planet.” It is home to some of the world’s most vibrant theater and music, outstanding museums, and ambitious architecture. London was once the center of an empire, and today it is the political, economic and media hub of the British Isles, with an influence that continues to radiate well beyond its borders. Many interesting cities (e.g., Bath, Brighton, Oxford) and tourist attractions (e.g., Stonehenge) are within easy reach, and a designated long weekend allows students to travel further afield in the UK and the rest of Europe.  Students have been completing projects in London since 1974.

The projects vary from year to year, but many have similar themes and sponsors.  Past London students have:

•Designed new exhibits and educational resources for major London museums

•Explored how to reduce dwell times on the London Underground

•Helped local councils promote recycling and reduce energy consumption

•Assessed the value of green space in urban areas