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Lyon is a dynamic city at the heart of France and Europe. Lyon is a UNESCO world heritage site known for gastronomy and culture, startups and innovation. Lyon is a top-ranked destination for students and tourists! Lyon is the 3rd largest city in France, only two hours by train from Paris or the Alps. The Lyon project center was established in 2019. French language is helpful but not required. Students may take conversational French classes to learn about Lyon and French culture.


Lyon is an innovative city with many opportunities for potential projects. The innovation sector extends into social entrepreneurship and engages challenges typical of urban areas, such as fostering innovation as a smart city and encouraging sustainable growth. Past projects demonstrated the impact of migrants becoming entrepreneurs, promoted the city of Lyon with mobile applications, assessed resources for startups, and examined historical heritage in social media. Project partners often focus on innovation and entrepreneurship to create social change, spur economic development, or address social, economic and urban development issues.

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