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Costa Rica is a land of contrasts: banana plantations, flaming volcanoes, misty black sand beaches, and a thriving modern capitalist economy. A remarkably stable country, both politically and economically, Costa Rica offers an opportunity for students to become immersed in a Central American culture where democracy, economic development, and concern for the environment are a permanent part of the landscape. WPI students will be staying in the Monteverde Cloud Forest region, about 3.5 to 4 hours outside of San Jose. It is a major tourist center with restaurants and activities. But travel to the coast is more difficult and students should expect to spend most weekends in the region. The Monteverde, Costa Rica Project Center was established in 2018. 

The Monteverde projects will focus on sustainability and community development. Some potential sponsors include:

  • Monteverde Institute
  • Bellbird Biological Corridor
  • Children's Eternal Cloud Forest
  • Municipal Commission for Water Management
  • Monteverde Community Fund
  • Sendero Pacifico
  • Monteverde Conservation League
  • Hecho en Monteverde