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The Republic of Panama forms a link between Central and South America and is world-famous for the engineering marvel of the Panama Canal. Panama City itself is the most cosmopolitan capital in Latin America.  The combination of colonial ruins, modern high-rise office buildings, luxury homes, and informal settlements reflects the blend of cultures, eras, and economic levels that are found in the city. Since 2009 students have pursued project in Panama City focusing on sustainability, wildlife management, and addressing social inequality. 

Past Panama City students have:

• Designed a wildlife bridge to allow animals to cross over the transamerican highway

• Developed a detailed carbon footprint analysis for the main campus of the national university

• Designed an earth gravity dam

• Analyzed ways to improve a dredging project intended to deepen the Pacific Access Channel

• Analyzed construction management techniques to determine if equipment was being used in an optimal way during the construction of the Borinquen 1E dam

• Designed grouting systems for use in the foundation of a dam