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Rabat, Morocco Project Center - IQP

Rabat, Morocco Project Center - IQP alt
Rabat, Morocco Project Center - IQP
Current Director(s): 
Program Term(s): 
D-Term during spring
C-Term during winter
Project Opportunities: 
Morocco is a Muslim-majority country located in the northernmost part of Africa and the westernmost part of the Arab world. While it strives to preserve its historic traditional crafts in rug weaving, wood carving and mosaic art, it is also seeking to improve the socio-economic welfare of its citizens. While project work is based in or near Rabat, the country’s governmental capital founded in 1146 that experienced significant population growth in the twentieth century, students will also have the opportunity to travel across the country. WPI partners with the Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) Abroad, a global organization celebrating 65+ years of superior service to students worldwide.

For more information, email Rebecca Moody ( or Mohammed El Hamzaoui (