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San Jose, Costa Rica Project Center - IQP

San Jose, Costa Rica Project Center - IQP alt
San Jose, Costa Rica Project Center - IQP
Current Director(s): 
Program Term(s): 
C-Term during winter
Project Opportunities: 
Costa Rica is a land of contrasts: banana plantations, flaming volcanoes, misty black sand beaches, and a thriving modern capitalist economy. A remarkably stable country, both politically and economically, Costa Rica offers an opportunity for students to become immersed in a Central American culture where democracy, economic development, and concern for the environment are a permanent part of the landscape. Students stay in the capital city of San José and have ample opportunity to visit the country’s many attractions. For the last 20 years, students have been based in the capital city of San Jose but they also engage with partners in surrounding and more distance towns.

Past Costa Rica students have:

  • Evaluated the phase-outs of HCFC's in refrigerants to guide regulatory measures and recycling to reduce global warming
  • Analyzed supply chain, marketing and retail venues of responsible fishing products with Marviva
  • Created a lab for fire protection analysis