Switzerland Project Center - MQP

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A-Term during early fall
C-Term during winter
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Major Qualifying Project (MQP)

Switzerland is a small country located in central Europe. Landlocked between France, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Italy, it is not surprising that you will hear all three languages as well as English in your daily comings and goings around town.  Switzerland is well known for its chocolate, cheese, and beautiful mountains.  

Switzerland MQPs have been running since 2016 and vary considerably in topic, time of year, venue, and preparation.  See the list of majors and the respective contact faculty, whom you should ask for details.

For information, contact the professor associated with your major:

  • Biochemistry & Chemistry, A term, Prof. Gericke
  • Actuarial Mathematics, Computer Science, Data Science, Mathematical Sciences, A term, Fall Semester, C term, Prof. Sturm
  • Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Robotics Engineering, A term, Prof. Burnham


Examples of recent MQPs are:

  • Encapsulation of Lidocaine into Zein Nanofibers 
  • Deep Learning for Data Privacy Classification
  • Automated Optical Inspection of MEMS Based Cochlear Implant Hydrophones
  • Simulation and Animation of Electron Motion and Target Erosion in Magnetron Sputtering