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In its College Town section, The Telegram & Gazette featured how Jacob Whitehill, assistant professor of computer science, is collaborating with colleagues at the University of Colorado Boulder to explore how artificially intelligent (AI) teaching agents might help encourage more meaningful collaboration among students in school classrooms.

David Ibbett, adjunct professor of music, sat down with The Telegram & Gazette to talk about his first album, "Octave of Light," which was written based on the more than 4,000 exoplanets that have been discovered in our solar system. Ibbett will debut his album tonight via live stream at the Boston Museum of Science. 

Steven Van Dessel, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, and his students were highlighted in The Telegram & Gazette (scroll down to last graph) for designing the new WWl memorial at Green Hill Park, which was unveiled yesterday.

The Telegram and Gazette reported in its College Town section on WPI eliminating its undergraduate application fee, supporting its mission of expanding access to a high-quality Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education.

The Telegram and Gazette covered the crossing of Earle Bridge by the Class of 2024, which took place Aug. 30. One of WPI’s most sacred annual traditions to welcome each new class, this year’s bridge crossing (socially distanced) was coordinated by the Student Alumni Society.

WPI was one of the many Worcester colleges noted in the Telegram & Gazette article defending international students’ rights to higher education in the United States. President Leshin spoke about the importance of educating all students, including those from around the world: “WPI has a proud history of welcoming and educating students and scholars from around the world,” she said. “These future STEM leaders are important members of our community, and this week’s action by ICE threatens their educational success.”

Angela Rodriguez, assistant professor in the Social Science and Policy Studies department, wrote an account for the Telegram & Gazette's "As I See It" section on how our culture can more positively reshape its portrayal of the working mom and work-life-balance – especially while in a pandemic. 

President Leshin’s involvement in a virtual seminar on robotics was featured in The Telegram & Gazette’s College Town section (scroll down to third item). The four-part “Robot Stories” series was broadcast by the Innovation Institute at the Mass. Technology Collaborative and MassRobotics. ​