Research Interests

  • Autonomous Perception and Planning, Simultaneous Localization and Mapping
  • Exteroceptive and Proprioceptive Sensor Modeling, Simulation, and Design
  • Sensor Fusion and Integration
  • Real-time Terramechanics for Terrain-Vehicle Modeling and Simulation
  • AI-based Real-time Optimization and Control of Mobility and Maneuver
  • Metaverse-based co-Simulation Environment Modeling and Virtualization
  • Agile Tire Dynamics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based controls
  • Coupled and Interactive Dynamics and Control of Vehicle Intelligent Physical Systems
  • Energy Efficient, Fully Electric and Mechanical/Mechatronic Driveline Systems
  • AI Techniques for Intelligent Material Generative Design
  • Long-term Autonomy in Unanticipated Cyber-Attacks
  • Vehicle Cyber Resilience by Intelligent Dynamic Materials
  • Vehicle Thermal Signatures Transformation and Cyber Shielding
  • Cyber Survivability and Autonomous Robust Mobility and Maneuver
  • Sensor Susceptibility to and Protection from Electromagnetic Interference
  • Survivability-Performance Operation algorithms
  • System-on-Chip Developments


Student Projects

Accomplished Projects

  • Simulator of Autonomous Mobility - Phase I
  • Autonomous and Agile Tire Mobility Control
  • Proprioceptive and Exteroceptive Sensor Integration for Controlling Vehicle Sub-System and Autonomous Agile Mobility
  • Agile Instant Tire Slippage Characterization for Autonomous Mobility Applications
  • Autonomous Vehicle Interactive Dynamics and Morphing with Mobility & Maneuver Self-Learning-and-Improvement
  • Assessment and Virtualization of Tire-Soil Interactions for Real-time Evaluation and Control of Autonomous Vehicle Mobility
  • Maximizing Autonomous Mobility and Energy Efficiency on-the-go through Self-Learning-and-Improvement
  • Vehicle Conceptual Design for Autonomous Mobility, Maneuver, and Energy Efficency