AVMI Facility

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The WPI AVMI facilities occupy over 33,000 sq-ft of space in the 85 Prescott and 15 Sagamore Buildings in Worcester, MA.

85 Prescott Facility is the main facility for AVMI research and development. It includes more than 30,000 sq-ft of space on two floors (12,000 sq-ft on the second floor and 18,000 sq-ft on the third floor), which contains 11 offices, 1 conference room, 1 library, 6 laboratory spaces, 1 hardware storage room, and 1 break room. The main activities at 85 Prescott Facility include, but are not limited to, virtual prototyping, modeling and simulation, and digital engineering of ground vehicle systems in severe terrain conditions and adversarial environments.

The AVMI laboratory at 15 Sagamore facility, which is under construction, will cover 2300 sq-ft of space. This laboratory will be utilized for conducting large AVMI experimental works


85 Prescott Facility

AVMI Suite 303

15 Sagamore facility

AVMI at 15 sagamore facility

AVMI laboratory space at 15 sagamore facility (under construction)