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From the first to last day, you can find opportunities to perform research at WPI. Ask around or consult with your academic advisor to find opportunities that will suit your interests. A willingness and passion for doing research as an undergraduate will lead to life-changing experiences.


Isabella Garver (left), Jagan Srinivasan, and Emily McGlame
Isabella Garver (left), Jagan Srinivasan, and Emily McGlame

Student Research Is Job Preparation

"[Perhaps at my first job] they’ll give me a project and say, 'Figure out how to do this.’ Since I’ve already done critical thinking and seen how a project can change, it will be easier. I won’t need someone to tell me exactly what to do or how to do it." Isabella Garver '18

What do students need to know about undergraduate research?

Summer Research Pays Off

Summer is an excellent time to be on campus. Students and faculty have more time to devote to research projects, and more projects and research opportunities mean students are likely to find a topic that interests them.