Spend your summer with a research team working to solve some of the most urgent problems facing our society. The Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) at WPI lets you spend 10 weeks at a premier technological university in the heart of New England contributing to cutting-edge science and engineering research projects.

In one of WPI’s National Science Foundation-sponsored programs, you’ll participate in a distinctive experience in which you’ll build research skills while gaining professional development training, establishing a network, and performing work that matters. The end of the program brings all the REUs together on campus for an Open Poster Session.

The following REUs are currently being offered at WPI.

Advanced Materials and Processes for a Resilient Society

Students in WPI’s interdisciplinary Civil and Environmental Engineering and Chemical Engineering REU research the materials, resources, and processes for a resilient society. Their work contributes to research exploring threats to the U.S., such as deteriorating infrastructure, climate change, environmental contamination, and material and energy resource scarcity. Conventionally underrepresented students in STEM fields and those who are not conventional learners are especially encouraged to apply.

Learn more: wpi.edu/+materialsreu

Data Science Research for Healthy Communities in the Digital Age

The Data Science Program at WPI, Worcester, MA, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, offers a 10-week, all expenses paid Research Experience in Data Science for undergraduate student researchers. WPI Data Science program has successfully operated the REU site since 2016. This site offers students from geographically diverse institutions around the country access to vibrant scientific research projects and undergraduate mentorship. The students, working with WPI faculty and peer students, learn state-of-the-art data science techniques and technologies including machine learning, artificial intelligence. visualization and big data technologies, and apply them to research focused on solving societal challenges high societal impact in our communities. Research topics include digital health, sustainability, and mobility, all interlinked concerns of critical national importance. Students present the results of their research at an Open Poster Session during the final week of the program, and, where appropriate, at scholarly venues and conferences.  Students also take field trips to tech companies.

Learn more: wpi.edu/+dsreu  

Industrial Mathematics and Statistics

What is the role of a mathematician in business and industry? What is it like to work with technical experts on a problem that requires significant mathematics but also must satisfy real-world constraints? Students work in teams on real problems that come directly from business and industry to define the problem and to develop solutions of immediate value to the company. They are guided by a faculty advisor in Mathematical Sciences to maintain a clear focus on the mathematical issues at the core of the project.

Learn more: wpi.edu/+CIMSREU

Integrated Bioengineering Research, Education, and Outreach Experiences for Females and Underrepresented Minorities

WPI’s Biomedical Engineering REU offers opportunities to explore research on a project that may include topics like stem cell differentiation and delivery, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, biomaterials, bacterial adhesion, mechanobiology and bioreactors, developing engineered connective tissue, nanotechnology, and biophysics. Women and underrepresented minority students are especially encouraged to apply.

Learn more: wpi.edu/+biomedicalREU

Interdisciplinary Data Science Research for Safe, Sustainable, and Healthy Communities

Student researchers in the Data Science REU work with WPI faculty and peers to learn advanced data science techniques and technologies. They apply what they learn to tackle societal challenges in "smart and connected" communities. They use big data processing, machine learning, data mining, visualization, and statistical learning methods, integrated with software engineering, to solve critical problems in healthcare, sustainability, security, and mobility. Students take field trips to tech companies and may present research findings at scholarly venues.

Learn more: wpi.edu/+dsreu

Membrane Biochemistry and Bioinspired Synthesis

WPI’s Chemistry REU offers a comprehensive experience in research project work while also presenting opportunities to participate in a weekly seminar series. Students study topics including career development and scientific ethics. Students also participate in a summer research conference with other WPI REU sites and two students have the opportunity to present at an ACS National Meeting. And you’ll start to form a research network of your own as you get to know other REU participants through social activities such as cookouts, a whitewater rafting trip, hiking excursions, a trip to Boston, a classical concert at Tanglewood, and opportunities to attend sporting events.

Learn more: wpi.edu/+chemistryREU


CR3 is helping industry address a pivotal societal need – the need to create a sustainable future. Companies work with CR3 to advance technologies that recover, recycle, and reuse materials during the manufacturing process. These advancements help reduce energy costs and increase profitability, while protecting the Earth’s natural resources. Students with a background in materials processing are invited to join CR3 to work on two distinct research projects: Upgrading Steel Scrap for Electric Arc Furnace Recycling or Sorting of Aluminum Scrap for Value-Added Recycling.

Learn more: wpi.edu/+cr3REU