Humanities & Arts

The innovative Humanities & Arts (HUA) program allows WPI students to embrace art, theatre, music, and other forms of creative expression, as well as explore themes of complexity, diversity, and the richness of human experience by examining art/architecture, history, languages, literature, philosophy, or religion. The HUA department’s goal is to build well-rounded, globally aware graduates with superior analytical thinking skills and a handle on the ambiguous problems that will characterize their future careers.

Sample Companies that have Hired WPI Humanities & Arts Graduates

Department of Transitional Assistance
Huntington Theatre Company
Raytheon Company

Sample Graduate Schools

University of Memphis
Average Starting Salary:
45,000 (2015)
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Sample Job Titles:
Leadership Development
Sample Major Qualifying Projects:
Piano-Playing Robotic Arm
Ellie's Spirit
Kinisi: A Platform for Autonomizing Off-Road Vehicles
Implementing Non-Player Characters in World Wizards
Object Manipulation and Control with Robotic Hand
Sit Ski by Axiomatic Design

Program Tracking Sheets

The Program Tracking Sheets help WPI students to plan and track progress toward their degree. Academic Advising has created tracking sheets for each major and graduation year.

Career Outcomes & Salary Data

The Career Development Center (CDC) has compiled a list of resources to help you learn about salary expectations and companies that have hired recent graduates, including the Post-Graduation Report for WPI's most recent graduating class.