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There are many different things that new students must keep track of as they prepare for their time at WPI. Student Health Services has compiled a list of required forms and frequently asked questions to help new students stay organized.

New undergraduate students are required to submit:

Secure Health Portal

Log into our Secure Health Portal to upload forms and documents and access important health-related messages, laboratory and x-ray results, educational handouts, and more.

Graduate students

All graduate students are required to submit:

Submitting your health forms

Forms can be completed and uploaded to the Student Health Portal. We will only contact you if we require additional information. Please check your WPI emails - we will send you messages in the health portal, but notifications go to your WPI email address. ​Please do not email regarding health forms; it is not a secure way to transmit confidential health information. Forms can also be mailed or secure faxed to:

WPI Health & Wellness Services
100 Institute Road
Worcester, MA 01609
Phone: 508-831-5520
Fax: 508-831-5953

FAQ for New Student Health Forms

  • What is the best way for me to submit my required health forms? The preferred method is electronic upload to our secure health portal. To log in, use your Banner ID and password. We make every attempt to conserve paper; however, if you cannot upload electronically, we will also accept faxed or mailed paperwork. Remember, always keep hard copies of these documents for your records.
  • Can you confirm receipt of faxed/uploaded/mailed forms? Unfortunately, we cannot confirm receipt at this time. We ask that students be diligent about checking their WPI email, as we will send secure messages (notification through WPI email) when/if additional documentation is needed. Please be sure to read these emails. If you delay submission of required documents past this summer, it may result in you not being able to register for next term's classes.
  • How do I fill out the tuberculosis (TB) risk questionnaire? If you answered "No" to all of the questions on the first page, you do not need to submit the other two pages. Simply sign & print your name and student ID number, and date the form. If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions on the first page, you need to take the questionnaire to a medical provider for the next steps as listed.
  • One of the required vaccines isn't offered in my country: Ideally, we can suggest ways for you to get your vaccine prior to coming to campus, such as going to a travel clinic or urgent care clinic. Otherwise you will have to make arrangements to get your vaccine as soon as you arrive in the United States, however, this is for extenuating circumstances only. Health Services typically arranges vaccination clinics once/year, typically in October, when you can get many of your vaccines (please check with your insurance company regarding coverage of vaccines). Otherwise, it will be your responsibility to get all of your required vaccines. 
  • I have my own insurance. How do I waive the WPI student health insurance? Please contact the Bursar’s Office through email or at 508-831-5203 for more information on waiving the WPI student health insurance.
  • How do I submit my NCAA physical? Does Health Services need a copy, too? Please refer to the Athletic Training site for more information on this. We do not have access to the athletic department’s files, so if you’ve only filled out the NCAA physical form, please also submit it to Health Services as your physical form. Otherwise, you will be considered non-compliant until you get us a copy.
  • Will you accept my doctor’s office’s forms for physical exams and/or immunizations? As long as the physical is within the last calendar year and signed (electronic or e-signature is fine), we will accept them. Immunization records also need to have a signature of authorized personnel. If you had titers drawn because you do not have documentation of vaccines or illnesses, please also submit these blood results.

How to Add Immunization Dates in Portal

After you upload your forms into the online secure patient portal, please input each immunization date under the “immune” tab as documented on your health record.

We are asking students to enter the dates that they received their vaccines as reflected in the forms. In addition to uploading the hard copies from your physician's office, please also input the dates in which you received the immunizations. We will then go in and verify these against your uploads.

Patient Portal