During the program, you will have the opportunity to visit local cities and historic sites that will immerse you directly into America’s early years. These trips will give you a better understanding of the history that led America to be the “melting pot” it is today. It will also give you the opportunity to explore parts of New England and surrounding areas you may not have had the opportunity to see before.

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Worcester: Known as the “Heart of the Commonwealth,” Worcester is located in the center of Massachusetts, and with just over 180,000 people, is the second largest city in New England. Worcester is also a college town, with 13 local colleges and universities, and over 30,000 college students. On your first day, we will take you on a tour of the city you will be calling home for the next few years, showing you places to shop, the other colleges in the area, downtown Worcester, and more. Our tour of Worcester will conclude at Walmart, where you can shop for any essentials you may need, such as shampoo or snacks.

Boston: The capital of Massachusetts, Boston is a great place to visit and learn about early American history. We will start our day off with a guided tour of the Freedom Trail, where you can explore various cultural sites such as Boston Common, Granary Burying Ground, Old South Meeting House, Faneuil Hall, and Paul Revere House. After the tour, we will stop for a group lunch at Durgin Park, one of America’s oldest restaurants. Once we finish lunch, you can spend the afternoon exploring Boston on your own before we head back to Worcester. 

New York City: A day trip to the Big Apple! We will leave Worcester on a private chartered bus early in the morning, heading straight to Battery Park. We will start the morning by taking the ferry to Liberty Island, where you can enjoy a self-guided tour of the Statue of Liberty. From there, we will continue our tour by taking the ferry to Ellis Island, a federal immigration station first opened in 1892 that processed more than 12 million immigrants. Upon finishing the tour, you will have the opportunity to explore New York on your own before meeting back up with the group at night to travel back to Worcester.

Providence: Founded by Roger Williams, Providence is the capital of Rhode Island and the smallest of the United States. The city is about 45 minutes away from Worcester, and is known for the arts, including institutions focusing on creative art and design as well as culinary arts. Rich in culture and history, Providence is famous for its WaterFires and festivals during the summer months. Explore Federal Hill or take a walk around Providence Place Mall, and enjoy dinner at Fire and Ice, an all-you-can-eat, make-your-own dining experience.

Plymouth: When the Pilgrims first sailed on the Mayflower in the 1620s, they arrived in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where they then disembarked on the famous Plymouth Rock. We will spend our time in Plymouth Harbor touring the Mayflower II, a replica of the original ship that took the Pilgrims to America on a 7-month journey. From there, we will continue on to Plimoth Plantation, a 17th-century English village recreated to show you what life was like in early America when the first colonists arrived. Explore the exhibits, ask questions, and immerse yourself in the culture of early America.